Fine Grade River Rock

Fine grade river stone is smooth, safe and dust free.

It is a much more concentrated weight than Polly beads and is therefore

more effective for its deep pressure effect. River stone is not sand and is

not crushed stone. It is natural hard river stone and is not sharp or porous.

It will not wear through any of the layers of blanket fabrics.

It can't mildew as long as the blanket is washed after a spill.

In case of fire, it is 100% fire proof and cannot give off any toxic fumes.

Not recommended for children who might chew the blanket.

Machine washable according to instructions provided.

Line drying is recommended.

Finished Blanket

This is a photo of a finished blanket including the items used to make it.

Husquavarna/Viking Machines

This is one of 3 high quality machines we use to make our blankets.